Last weekend I was lucky enough to test ride the new 2014 KTM 250SX and 350SX-F at Queensland Moto Park for a 2-stroke versus 4-stroke test in Fre

The first week video has finally been finished, a few days overdue unfortunately, but I had about 30 gig's, and hours worth of footage to cycle through from the first week. I hope you enjoy the quick snap shot I have put together from leaving, on the road, into Jake Bowen's place and if you want to see what a Factory Race Team looks like on the inside, we checked out the JDR KTM Factory race team to wash some bikes!

The 5th and 6th days were fizzers, I was absolutelystuffed from the Red Bull plane ride, and could barely keep my eyes open on Sunday, and Monday wasn't much better. All we managed to do was pick up the trailer from the KTM factory and head back to Schuie's aunty and uncle's at Moss Vale

Starting today, Schuie and I will be making the most of what Australia has to offer when we begin our Freeride Road Trip around this great country to find the best natural terrain jumps, untouched sand dunes and ride with some of Australia's best FMX stars along the way. And not to mention, while we are riding, you can win prizes!

Queenslands newest Trail Bike facility at Wyaralong in South East Queensland has successfully hosted the launch of the 2012 range of KTM off-road motorcycles over 2 weekends of July 30th and August 6 and 7.

Western Australian clothing brand; Valyside Apparel, hosted the impressive first Freestyle MX coaching event on Saturday, July 9th, and in doing so, discovered the next generation of Freestyle MX stars with S & S FMX Coachings Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

This past Saturday on a cold winter day in Perth, Schuie and I managed to do our first FMX Coaching course outside of Queensland, and it couldn't have run any better! Valyside's Under the Fender FMX Coaching course was sold out, the course was great and we even had a DJ to give us beats all day!

Valyside Apparel, based in Perth, Western Australia are putting together the 'Under the Fender' coaching clinic with Matt Schubring and I as the h

How cool would it be to test ride the next years bikes, months before they're due to be released - It's something only manufacturer's test riders and the world's best riders are lucky to do. Right? Well, KTM decidedit was good enough for you too - Welcome, the KTM Dirt Days.

The first look of the new 2011 KTM models are out on a European website. They all have cosmetic changes, the 4-strokes receive updated motors and the 2stroke manages to keep it's PDS suspension package. But there's plenty more updates.