Eucla Sand Dunes - Monster Truck road trip with Freeriding in between


For October through to December, I've been riding with Matt Schubring and Callum Shaw for 7 shows over 9 weeks at the Monster Trucks shows around Australia.

In between the weeks of travel, we have tried to get to different places to do some freeriding, which is really what the tour is all about for me!!  So we get to do shows on the weekend, and have a hell of a good time during the week!

Between the Whyalla, South Australia show and the Geraldton, Western Australia show, we had a few days of driving across the Nullabor, with the longest straight road in Australia of 146kms and we made it to Eucla.  A small town just near the SA/WA border, and this is a little clip I put together from my Drift Innovation helmet camera.