The newest FreeriderMX magazine is out now and Valyside has gone all out with a double page advertising campaign using a two page sized photo for the ad. Valyside have already expressed they have received quite a lot of positive feedback and flow-on business only 2 weeks since the magazines release.

Schuie and I are still plugging away with our plans to open a bike park. Although weve had so many ups and downs, its hard to tell if weve made progress sometimes. But there are quite a few higher-ups that have heard of us, and the message is getting out there that were the men for the job. We hopefully have some presentations to do with the government bodies for Trail Riding which could prove a winner also. So were still going with this project and we wont give up. Thanks again everyone for your continued support. Through the downtimes of injury its reassuring to know that therell be the high times again to make hay while the sun shines. Speaking of the downtimes of injury, Im currently writing a story from a riders point of view to give fans an insight into the pain, recovery and dedication it takes for their FMX heros to get back on the bike when it looks like such a glamorous occupation on the outside. So Ill be drawing on my experiences with overcoming injuries, but also some of the worlds best riders have given me their input which will make for a great read. Check out FreeriderMX for the story in the coming months.