You know things are coming along when the power lines have been put in for the park! I haven't been to the park in a few weeks, and it was a nice surprise to see the $1.75 million road almost finished, and we found the powerlines were up too! Let's hope for a late 2011 Opening still!

Western Australian clothing brand; Valyside Apparel, hosted the impressive first Freestyle MX coaching event on Saturday, July 9th, and in doing so, discovered the next generation of Freestyle MX stars with S & S FMX Coachings Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

This past Saturday on a cold winter day in Perth, Schuie and I managed to do our first FMX Coaching course outside of Queensland, and it couldn't have run any better! Valyside's Under the Fender FMX Coaching course was sold out, the course was great and we even had a DJ to give us beats all day!