It was the break-away day when Schuie had to go Balchys wedding at Home Bush, and I was meeting up with Josh Sheehan and the Red Bull crew for the Red Bull X-Fighters Jam at the Mean Fiddler pub at Rouse Hill and what a surprise I had Flying in the Red Bull Air Race style plane!

The fourth day was pencilled in to be a work day - Cleaning all of our mud caked bikes, gear, van and trailer at the JDR KTM Racing Factory. And while Schuie did warn me it would be a full day, I didn't believe him until we arrived and started pulling everything out of the trailer to clean! ... Yeah.. everything!

The scenic escape of Bowen's property near Coffs Harbour was ending prematurely when we were told the small town of Ulong has riding conditions that allow Jake to only ride Wednesday and Saturday. So with that, it was time to leave and make our way to Sydney a day early. But not without some dramas to start the day!