On Thursday we packed up early from a nice comfy sleep in Cam Sinclairs new home, south of Melbourne and headed for a natural terrain freeride session with Sincs and Cheyne Boyd who are practically neighbours in their new estate. A 15 minute drive to the small coastal town of Rye and nothing seemed to indicate a Freeride heaven.

Up until the nineth day, we were only riding either in the morning or afternoon. That all changed when we tried to fit in a ride on Jacko's competition course, then the jumps in the forest and then pack up all of our gear and drive 4 hours to 'Deadwood' in Victoria to ride in the afternoon at one of Cam Sinclair's new riding spots! A big day, lots of driving and plenty of riding to be had.

The first week video has finally been finished, a few days overdue unfortunately, but I had about 30 gig's, and hours worth of footage to cycle through from the first week. I hope you enjoy the quick snap shot I have put together from leaving, on the road, into Jake Bowen's place and if you want to see what a Factory Race Team looks like on the inside, we checked out the JDR KTM Factory race team to wash some bikes!