What a way to wake up! 4 a.m and Schuie is hitting me to wake me up! Rain was coming in and the Xbox was drenched and we had plenty to pack up in the dark. But after falling asleep and waking up at 7:30 we were up and out playing golf on the beach in the best place you could imagine!

A quick Double Backflip session into the foam pit for Sheeny and Sincs in the morning was the end of our time at Cam Sinclair's place before we were to head west on the long drive to Perth as the final destination. The next stop was to be Josh Burdon's place in Millicent, 635 km's away on the Great Ocean Road scenic drive. It was just so nice that we didn't even make it to Burdo's place and camped out under the stars!

Putting a full day of XBox behind us and turning Sheeny into a Call of Duty monster, we finally had a break in the bad weather and were able to hit up the South Side FMX compound with Cam Sinclair and Sheeny making an appearance to work on his Double Flips into the foam pit.