We finally made it to the area we most wanted to spend time, Esperance sand dunes!!

For October through to December, I've been riding with Matt Schubring and Callum Shaw for 7 shows over 9 weeks at the Monster Trucks shows around

The scenic escape of Bowen's property near Coffs Harbour was ending prematurely when we were told the small town of Ulong has riding conditions that allow Jake to only ride Wednesday and Saturday. So with that, it was time to leave and make our way to Sydney a day early. But not without some dramas to start the day!

Welcome to the first journal entry of the Freeride Road Trip, and as I type, we have just woken up from our first day of driving from Boonah to Coffs Harbour. After a nice and scenic365 kilometres of driving, we met up with Jake Bowen in Coffs and thenventured 'up the hill' to his new compound at Ulong where we would roll out the swags!

Starting today, Schuie and I will be making the most of what Australia has to offer when we begin our Freeride Road Trip around this great country to find the best natural terrain jumps, untouched sand dunes and ride with some of Australia's best FMX stars along the way. And not to mention, while we are riding, you can win prizes!

Unfortunately last weekend's second FMX coaching clinic in Perth was rained out before a FMX bike was kicked over. But it didn't stop us from having some drama's of another nature when the Red Bull wings car found itself belly deep in some soft mud at the Valyside compound.

Australias only Freestyle Motocross Coaching clinic is coming back to Perth on Sunday 14th of August, after a successful event in July at the Valyside Apparel Under the Fender coaching which unearthed a whole new talent pool and generation of Freestyle MX riders in Western Australia coached by S & S FMX Coaches, Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

It has been a very busy week at Boonah, Schuie and I have spent way too much time working on things that shouldn't have broken down, but that's what happens unfortunately. But I thought I'd just show a photo of how we water a 1.5km long track with a 10 tonne truck - by dragging it around with a Loader!

Western Australian clothing brand; Valyside Apparel, hosted the impressive first Freestyle MX coaching event on Saturday, July 9th, and in doing so, discovered the next generation of Freestyle MX stars with S & S FMX Coachings Matt Schubring and Steve Sommerfeld.

This past Saturday on a cold winter day in Perth, Schuie and I managed to do our first FMX Coaching course outside of Queensland, and it couldn't have run any better! Valyside's Under the Fender FMX Coaching course was sold out, the course was great and we even had a DJ to give us beats all day!