lakes networking

We finally made it to the area we most wanted to spend time, Esperance sand dunes!!

Lakes Networking have been one of my best supporters and their expertise in all things IT have helped me develop more aspects to life than just riding.

What a way to wake up! 4 a.m and Schuie is hitting me to wake me up! Rain was coming in and the Xbox was drenched and we had plenty to pack up in the dark. But after falling asleep and waking up at 7:30 we were up and out playing golf on the beach in the best place you could imagine!

On Thursday we packed up early from a nice comfy sleep in Cam Sinclairs new home, south of Melbourne and headed for a natural terrain freeride session with Sincs and Cheyne Boyd who are practically neighbours in their new estate. A 15 minute drive to the small coastal town of Rye and nothing seemed to indicate a Freeride heaven.

Up until the nineth day, we were only riding either in the morning or afternoon. That all changed when we tried to fit in a ride on Jacko's competition course, then the jumps in the forest and then pack up all of our gear and drive 4 hours to 'Deadwood' in Victoria to ride in the afternoon at one of Cam Sinclair's new riding spots! A big day, lots of driving and plenty of riding to be had.

It was the break-away day when Schuie had to go Balchys wedding at Home Bush, and I was meeting up with Josh Sheehan and the Red Bull crew for the Red Bull X-Fighters Jam at the Mean Fiddler pub at Rouse Hill and what a surprise I had Flying in the Red Bull Air Race style plane!

The fourth day was pencilled in to be a work day - Cleaning all of our mud caked bikes, gear, van and trailer at the JDR KTM Racing Factory. And while Schuie did warn me it would be a full day, I didn't believe him until we arrived and started pulling everything out of the trailer to clean! ... Yeah.. everything!

The scenic escape of Bowen's property near Coffs Harbour was ending prematurely when we were told the small town of Ulong has riding conditions that allow Jake to only ride Wednesday and Saturday. So with that, it was time to leave and make our way to Sydney a day early. But not without some dramas to start the day!

Welcome to the first journal entry of the Freeride Road Trip, and as I type, we have just woken up from our first day of driving from Boonah to Coffs Harbour. After a nice and scenic365 kilometres of driving, we met up with Jake Bowen in Coffs and thenventured 'up the hill' to his new compound at Ulong where we would roll out the swags!

Starting today, Schuie and I will be making the most of what Australia has to offer when we begin our Freeride Road Trip around this great country to find the best natural terrain jumps, untouched sand dunes and ride with some of Australia's best FMX stars along the way. And not to mention, while we are riding, you can win prizes!