Invert Management

We finally made it to the area we most wanted to spend time, Esperance sand dunes!!

For more information on the Wyaralong Trail Bike Noise Test and Press Release:

As part of the overall Master Plan for the Wyaralong Trail Bike Facility here in South East Queensland, we (Motorcycling Queensland, Australian Dirt Bike Adventures, Invert Management and Moto Solutions as the operator) need accurate noise levels of what the park will achieve when it is fully functioning.

http://lnet-svr-apch/ss_drupal/sites/default/files/oldsite/trail_bike_pa..." alt="Partner-logos" style="float: left; margin-right: 5px;" />February 20, 2011 The Council of Mayors (SEQ) today unveiled the master plan for the Wyaralong Regional Trail Bike Facility and announced Motorcycling Queensland (MQ) as the selected facility operator.