For October through to December, I've been riding with Matt Schubring and Callum Shaw for 7 shows over 9 weeks at the Monster Trucks shows around

Starting today, Schuie and I will be making the most of what Australia has to offer when we begin our Freeride Road Trip around this great country to find the best natural terrain jumps, untouched sand dunes and ride with some of Australia's best FMX stars along the way. And not to mention, while we are riding, you can win prizes!

Unfortunately last weekend's second FMX coaching clinic in Perth was rained out before a FMX bike was kicked over. But it didn't stop us from having some drama's of another nature when the Red Bull wings car found itself belly deep in some soft mud at the Valyside compound.

I've just arrived at narrogin in West Oz to find one hell of a competition course. The area is littered with jumps which includes 3 75ft jumps that go back and forward and jumps across the course. Dirt jumps in between and a mini sx track thatI think will probably get turned into speed and style for big bikes pretty quickly. Not to mention there is a wall ride that we need to shape a jump for today.Its been a long time since we've seen a real course in australia and it shows why the Narrogin team put on the best comps.